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Boosting Performance and Muscle Recovery

Athletic Upgrade offers cutting-edge modalities and expert guidance for coaches, athletic directors, athletes, and private training facilities. Our goal is to boost the long-term performance of the athlete.

Our Offerings

Hypervolt Massager

Hypervolt Massager relieves your muscle tension while accelerating your warm-up. This recovery technique increases the range of motion, circulation, and blood flow, allowing the body to heal faster.

Athletic Upgrade
Athletic Upgrade

Normatec Compression

This service focuses on helping athletes recover faster while boosting their performance. Normatec Compression increases blood flow, reduces inflammation, and breaks up the lactic acid, increasing muscle oxygen.

Local Cryotherapy

Local cryotherapy reduces inflammation, accelerates tissue repair, decreases fatigue, and promotes healing. It also reduces muscle pain and boosts energy levels.

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Red Light Therapy

This pain-relieving therapy encourages optimal physiological performance and overall body wellness. You can expect a shorter recovery time, enhanced blood circulation, and increased energy levels to treat joint soreness and stiffness.

PEMF (Pulse Electromagnetic Field)

PEMF provides energy to the body's cells to increase healing time, naturally increase energy, and reduce inflammation.

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